How are your materials sourced?

I buy all my silver from Cooksongold, the UK’s biggest bullion dealer. Most of my work is made from Sterling silver, with a few pieces made from Britannia silver. I recently started using recycled silver. As I still hold stock from before this change I cannot guarantee that any particular piece will be made from recycled silver. I am in a process of transition and my intention is that eventually all my jewellery will be made only from recycled silver.  Cooksongold now supply both Sterling and Britannia silver as a recycled product.

Currently my gold plating is done by Elliot Fitzpatrick Ltd of London. They acquire their plating supplies from Metalor, a member of the Resonsible Jewellery Council. Read their Responsible Sourcing statement here.

Working with silver involves pickling the work in acid after heating it periodically. I use food-grade citric acid for this to minimise the environmental impact.