Elegant handmade creations to express your individuality

The ancient skill of anticlastic raising brought up to date with
sophisticated contemporary design. Anticlastic raising is a
technique whereby flat sheet metal is converted into curling, twisting
sculptural forms by the use of hammers and shaped formers.

This is a technically demanding discipline which requires a long time to develop proficiency. It
was invented thousands of years ago and is enjoying a renaissance today.

Watch me make my signature Cornucopia pendant


"I was wearing a pair of your
ear-rings at a Zoom the other day and they were noticed and complimented.”

Louise T

 "I love the earrings and am so
pleased I bought them…  You told me how you took the brightness  out
of the silver, and I think the less bright textural look much more

 Liz F

"I am delighted with the earrings
which are just the right size and look very stylish."


"I love the silver heart pendant
given to me by my husband and wear it often."


"Thank you so much for the beautiful [Cornucopia]
earrings, the smile on my wife’s face and the sparkle in her eyes is

Steve P.