Commission case study - a bespoke brooch in sterling silver

This was commissioned as an anniversary present for a calligrapher and glass engraver. The commissioner approached me at a live event – Made Brighton – and discussed what she wanted: a brooch in my own style, made from silver with yellow gold plating on the inner surface.  I made a sketch, which she agreed, with size stipulated. We agreed a price and a delivery date, three and a half months from then.

Back at the studio, I broke down the sketch into its various elements – straights, curves, loops, pin, catch – and estimated roughly what length of material would be needed for each.


 I drew up a preliminary template based on this and cut out a blank in copper, which I formed to give me a first maquette. This showed me how the proportions needed to be adjusted.

I continued to work in this way through another 3 maquettes, at each stage sending images to the commissioner, until we were both satisfied with the proportions of the piece.


 At this point I moved into silver and began the piece proper.

When I had finished the forming process I sent images of the brooch from all angles to the commissioner to get approval before sending the piece for hallmarking and plating.


 The brooch was delivered on time.


Comment received: THANK YOU the brooch is really beautiful and was really loved by (recipient’s name) ...many many thanks.